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Lending Options are explained on this page. Look at all Lending Options. See what relates to you. Read it all through taking care to understand as best you can.  Then, decide which Lending Option you think applies to you. Finally and in conclusion send us your inquiry by CLICKING HERE and completing our form. We will do the hard work for you from hereon and help you get the loan that best matches your needs.
Property Loans

Owner Occupied Home Loan

Lending of money which is largely for the purpose of residential property in which you predominately reside. In general as a borrower you will have only one principal place of residence. This is the property that you live in the majority of the time.

Investment Property Loans

Any loan that is not for the purchase of a property for use as your principal place of residence.

Reverse Mortgages

A number Reverse mortgages have been written successfully. In all cases the client was more than happy.
Do not be afraid of this type of mortgage lending. Always inquire and you will find they are fine.
It is recognised you each have different retirement needs and you may require additional funds for a range of purposes.
Refer to an article from 'The Senior' magazine by "Clicking Here". It will help you understand the benefits.
In conclusion do the inquiry first. Find the facts. Then decide. Do not decide first. You could be missing out.

Construction Loans

A borrower may wish to buy land and construct a dwelling. Whether this is for the purpose of providing their principal place of residence or not will determine if the loan is as an owner occupied or investment one by the lender.

Developments Lending

Not normally a coded loan. Usually requires private finance for the build phase. Often able to use end market value for Loan to Value Ratio.

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Personal & Vehicle Loans

Secured Personal Loans

Property or asset you own can be used as security. Lenders are more lenient on interest rates and payment periods for loans that are covered by some form of security.

Unsecured Personal Loans

Loans that come without the requirement for an asset as security. Often these loans have the highest interest rates and shorter loan terms.

Personal Loans - No Liabilities

Most lenders will require there being no liabilities remain other than the loan they offer. Lenders will pay down and close all credit cards or other than property loans.

Personal Loans - Limited Liabilities

In some cases lenders will allow one or two liabilities to remain post the settlement of any loan settled.  An example is when a credit card is used by you for the purpose of paying your general household costs, running your car, or buying your groceries. The card may also form part of a rewards program which you gain benefit from.

Vehicle Loans

It is not normal to have a Vehicle loan just for the purpose of debt consolidation however in order to buy that vehicle you may have to use a debt consolidation approach to allow you to service a car loan as an example.

Vehicle Loans

A borrower may wish to purchase a vehicle for their own use.

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